What If I Want to Contest the Notice?

NOTE: It's important to realize that contesting a notice should not be taken lightly. If we find during the course of our investigation that you misrepresented yourself when contesting, then the incident will be immediately referred to the appropriate disciplinary office.

Before contesting the notice, it is important to check whether the files in question actually are on your computer. If you don't recognize the file names listed in the original notice from the copyright owner, and you believe an error has been made, please use your computer's "search files" function to search your system for the file names. If you have allowed anyone else to use your machine, they may have placed these files on your hard drive without your knowledge. It is also possible that your computer has been compromised, and that the files have been placed there by someone else who has gained unauthorized access to your computer. No matter how the files got there, the copyright owner has served notice that they must be taken down.

If you believe in good faith that the copyright owner made a mistake in identifying your IP address or the files that it claims were infringed, you should discuss this with your disciplinary office or unit head.